Taking off to LA today to see my love. It's been 3 weeks too long. We have a 3 week rule that we try to attend to, but our schedule's vary so much which makes it difficult to stick to at times. Being from two complete different countries is interesting, Sweden and the US. Though we have our cultural differences there is a very strong connection that brings us together, and in 9 out of 10 times the culture clash is something very beautiful. 

Given that I spent 12 years in the US as a child I do feel like a piece of my heart has a special place here. Though its not part of my heritage or culture, those 12 years were significant years in developing my identity. I do feel more Swedish at all times, especially when I'm in the US, but when I'm in Sweden, there is something that pulls me back. Home is Sweden, but being in between the two keeps my heart at ease.