After years of photography and content collecting I decided to start my own website expanding beyond instagram. Here you will find everything from my digital photography, film photography, inspirational components, interviews & collabs, as well as various forms of blogging or "journal taking".

I have been doing photography for about 6 years now, and what pushes me to pursue it is that notion of being able to frame things, not literally, more like capturing my own moments, in the light that I see them. I started doing concert photography at age 18, and quickly learned that I knew what looked appealing, and I also knew when to press the shutter release. 

Through shooting artists in their most vulnerable state, on stage, where there is so much emotion and anticipation I learned that my niche was people. So I started photographing people in the crowd, more like obsessed fans. This brought me to India.. which probably doesn't make any sense at all, but I wanted what was real. After spending a few months volunteering at a school for young bright children and being placed into a culture that was so unfamiliarly beautiful to me I realized that I loved lifestyle photography.

So, I traveled to Rwanda and tried shooting wildlife and more people. And, well, I loved it. Being amongst the few Mountain Gorillas that are left in the world was very raw and a very different framework. Mountain Gorillas never take a bad picture. 

When I was 20 I moved to the US and kind of just fell into fashion. It was a rollercoaster of good times and confusion. As an artist, it made me put my work and values in perspective. After being caught up in the LA scene of fashion and then getting reality checks when reminiscing on my previous adventures I discovered that photography had so much more depth outside of fashion. 

So - at the moment. I shoot fashion, and still love it, but my aesthetic keeps changing based on my previous experiences. Somewhere my creativity is a balance of being lost in translation and cultural adaptation. What I have learned is to be considerate and to always be able to stand up for your work. 

Can't wait to share my picturesque and bicoastal love story between New York, LA and my roots in Sweden. 


Michaela Wissen

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